SCB On Break

12 Jan
Need something to before the halls of Middlebrook 3rd and 4th floor fill up again? This week’s blog post contains ideas for 10 fun things to do over break or the beginning of the semester!

1)Read a Book for Fun

We spend so much time reading textbooks, non-fiction, and articles during the semester, so why not read something fun and frivolous for a change? Check out these lists from the New York Times for ideas:

2)Cook a nice meal
Now that you’re away from the dining hall, try cooking! Whether you’re in your mom’s kitchen or the Terrace room—try this website for meals that take only a half-hour to make!

3)Write a Letter

Seeing as you’re likely separated from your floor neighbors , why not hand write a letter? Sure, we have facebook and texting, but you’ve still got 2.5 weeks of break in which to write and send a letter! Nothing beats the excitement of mail addressed to you! Try this website for a step-by-step guide in case you haven’t done this before!

4)Make “Inception” Happen in real life

Ever heard of lucid dreaming? It’s where you realize you are dreaming and can then manipulate your dreams to be exactly how they want them! Here’s how:

5)Get hooked on a new TV Show

Now’s the time! Endless days with no homework and no responsibilities (expect maybe doing the dishes or walking your dog)—it’s the perfect time to get hooked! Currently I am glued to Pych, a funny detective show. For ideas, check out this must-see list

6)Get Creative

Now’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby! Photography, crafting, puzzling, painting, chess, sowing, the possibilities are endless! Swing by your local Michaels or other craft store for some ideas! Or to do it from the comfort of your own computer, try this fun online painting canvas!

7)Tour the world right from your seat

Go online to google maps,  and type in something like  ‘Eiffel Tower, Paris” then grab the little orange man along the zooming area along the upper left hand corner of the map—and enjoy a tour of some of the most beautiful places on earth!

8)Be a Little Creepy

Park it in your neighborhood coffee shop, and try a little people watching! There’s a whole club dedicated to it at the U of M. (

9)Inspire yourself

Go to and watch some talks given by famous and brilliant experts from all over the world on a number of different topics. This website gives you an excellent breakdown of some great ones to check out:

10) Take in Mother Nature

Put your cell phone in your pocket, close your laptop, turn off the TV, and head outside! Take a walk around your neighborhood or even a drive if it’s too cold. Play in the snow, or just breathe some fresh air. The exercise will do you good, as will the fresh air!

Cant wait to hear all about your winter break adventures! See you mid-January!

~CA Vall


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