World Festival

19 Feb



Students Crossing Borders and Small World Coffee Hour hosted World Festival this year in Middlebrook Hall. Twelve groups were represented including Russian Speaking Student Association, Ethiopian Student Association, the Hmong women’s group, Somali Student Association, Korea’s Island DoKodo, Omani Student Association, United Arab Emirates Student Association, LISA (Latino/a International Student Association). Four groups were based in Middlebrook Hall: China, Vietnam, India, United States/Leaders Crossing Borders. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in this great event, and looking forward to next year!

These photos below are courtesy of Small World Coffee Hour. 



Presenting… the SCB CAs!

31 Oct
Allie Hochhalter
Hi! My name is Allie and I am a Community Advisor for the fourth floor of Students Crossing Borders. I am a sophomore majoring in Finance and International Business as a Pre-Law! I am from Naperville, which is a southern suburb of Chicago, IL. I am excited to be helping everyone involved with SCB to learn more about different cultures and to foster friendships with those of other countries, which I know I have enjoyed in my life.
Alex Roettger
Hi, my name is Alex Roettger. I’m one of the Community Advisors on the fourth floor of Middlebrook Hall. I am majoring in Mathematics Education with a minor in Child Psychology. I am from a small Minnesotan town named Lake Elmo. I was a CA for Students Crossing Borders last year and I had such a good experience that I just had to come back for a whole year with whole new experiences!
Imtiaz Chowdhury
My name is Imtiaz and I am a senior majoring in Chemical Engineering. I am an international student from Dhaka, Bangladesh and I am here at U pursuing higher education. This is going to be my second year as a community advisor and I am extremely excited to be in SCB! I have been a resident at SCB during my first year and it has been an exhilarating adventure. This connection with SCB has inspired me to come back again and be a part of this wonderful community. The one thing I loved during my time at SCB was engaging with diverse group of people from different parts of the world and I am very much looking forward to meeting the residents and making new friends!
Henisha Dhandhusaria
Hey there! My name is Henisha Dhandhusaria and I am the Community Advisor in SCB this year. I’m a junior majoring in biomedical engineering. I moved to Minnesota from India when I was 5 years old but I’m still fluent in two different Indian languages. It is my second year being a CA and I’m excited that I’m in the Students Crossing Borders house! I hope that I will be one of many assets to students in furthering cross-cultural relationships. I value the friendships that have resulted from my time at the University of Minnesota and I hope to create a community where my residents will have the opportunity to create their own memories. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

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22 Oct

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VMA Night/ End of the Year Celebration

15 May

We closed out the year with our end of the year celebration: VMA (Video Music Awards) Night. We had all kinds of talent come out to show their stuff- including  poetry, dancing, acrobatics, singing, guitar, and a rock band. Our residents won various prestigious awards such as “Biggest flirt”, “Most likely to work at Middlebrook Hall” and “CA pet.” Some of our awardees are pictured below. Congratulations!



Photo Credit: Henisha Dhandhusaria 


International Student Interview

13 May

Are you an international student looking for housing? See what our current residents Vaibhav Murthy and Luis Torrealba say about their experience in the Students Crossing Borders community.


US Student Interviews

10 May

Are you a US student who is trying to decide where to live next year? See what our current US Students Crossing Borders residents have to say about living in the community. Keep an eye out for our video for International Students- Coming Soon!

Holi Festival

9 May

Our SCB residents celebrated Holi, a festival of colors, on April 27th with one of the University’s Indian student groups- Bharat. When everyone is covered in color, it is supposed to symbolize equality since everyone looks the same. Holi is just one of many engaging cultural activities offered on campus. If you are interested in staying up to date with all the cultural and international programs and opportunities on campus, subscribe to the weekly email called the International Bulletin by emailing

ImagePhoto Credit: Jane Sitter